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‘etlh taD tengchaH

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted in here, but I’ve been working on a Unity3D based game and I thought it would be a good idea to document it. […]

Warrior Life Counter (webOS)

The Warrior Life Counter is an app for tracking your life for various games. It was originally designed for use while playing Magic The Gathering, but it can be used with any […]

Phasruptor (webOS)

Phasruptor is a phaser/disruptor app that puts both weapons into the Palm of your hand. Weapons can be switched using the menu. The Phaser has multiple settings based it’s power […]

Klingon pIqaD T-Shirts

Looking to show off your true Klingon nature? Then head over to my new shirt store at There are many different designs and I’m adding more all the time. […]

tlhIngan mu’ghom 1.1.0 (webOS)

My first webOS app, tlhIngan mu’ghom, is now listed in the Palm app store. The app has a searchable Klingon-English/English-Klingon dictionary (with pIqaD), lookup tables for all the Klingon prefixes […]

KAG Video from MarCon

Here’s the video from last weekends KAG celebration in Columbus, OH: This was broadcast on TV Saturday night as part of the news. Now I’ve been on TV speaking Klingon! […]