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Fixing time sync on Hyper-V DCs

I have a number of virtualized DCs on several different HyperV servers, and they were all showing the wrong time. In order to fix this issue, I had to Powershell […]

2015-07-06 22.36.46 (2)

Age of Sigmar!

A new game is coming from Games Workshop. It’s replacing their entire Fantasy system, and it looks like a lot of fun! It’s quick to learn and the rules are […]


Building a Company – Part 1

Since I got back into Warhammer 40K I’ve been working on a Dark Angels army. At first I was only going to build a Deathwing and a small Greenwing, but […]

2012-09-28 09.17.08

The Daily Tray

After a weekend of far too much Civilization V and not enough time painting, the only thing I managed to accomplish was basing coating the Hellbrute with Death World Forest. […]