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‘etlh taD tengchaH

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted in here, but I’ve been working on a Unity3D based game and I thought it would be a good idea to document it. […]

pIqaD in pIDgIn (Pidgin)

To get pIqaD to work in Pidgin on Windows you have to do the following (after installing the Windows pIqaD package): Create a file called pango.aliases in c:\program files\pidgin\GTK\etc\pango (32-bit […]

Klingon theme for S2U2

I have created a Klingon theme for S2U2, a slide2unlock app for Windows mobile devices. The pIqaD numbers are correct and actually work really well for the clock. You can […]

Prepare for the Future…

It looks like Bethesda has released a new viral website for Fallout 3 called Prepare for the future. It’s full of videos talking about Vault-Tec technology as well as video […]