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The Daily Tray

I’m really bad at finishing figures that I start. I tend to get about 75% done and then get sucked into something else. So, to try and help combat this, I’m going to post pictures each week of what’s on my Painting Tray. Hopefully it’ll shame me into finishing things. We shall see.

In this first photo I have a bunch of Dark Angels Tactical Marines, a couple of Assault Marines, a few veterans, a Techmarine and a couple of Plaguebearers acting as Heralds of Nurgle. The Marines mainly just need some details finished (eyes, chest, robes), Chapter icons added and bases completed. Most of them also need their guns added. The Plaguebearers have a few details to be finished and then their bases completed (The finished Nurglings in the picture show the style of base used on most of my Chaos Daemons army).

There’s also a Dark Angels Banner Bearer on the tray, but I’m still not sure which banner I should give him. I have a metal Dark Angels Banner Bearer as well, which is most likely going to get the Dark Angels Chapter Banner, while the plastic one on the tray will most likely get one of the Sacred Standards or a Company Standard. I wish there was an easy way to switch them out.