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vavnI’ lutmey

When I was younger, my grandfather wrote a book of children stories. I’ve decided, as good practice, to work through translating these stories. Some are long, others are short. I […]

webOS, the future and me

Over the past few years I’ve developed a number of webOS applications. Unfortunately, with the demise of webOS, I won’t be updating these apps anymore. If, by some miracle, the […]

pIqaD in pIDgIn (Pidgin)

To get pIqaD to work in Pidgin on Windows you have to do the following (after installing the Windows pIqaD package): Create a file called pango.aliases in c:\program files\pidgin\GTK\etc\pango (32-bit […]

Warrior Life Counter (webOS)

The Warrior Life Counter is an app for tracking your life for various games. It was originally designed for use while playing Magic The Gathering, but it can be used with any […]

Phasruptor (webOS)

Phasruptor is a phaser/disruptor app that puts both weapons into the Palm of your hand. Weapons can be switched using the menu. The Phaser has multiple settings based it’s power […]