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Da Capo ~Second Season~

I finished watching this show this weekend. It’s the second season of Da Capo, an anime based on a dating sim game, and it was pretty good. It follows on […]

Iketeru Futari

This show is a blatent Ecchi comedy with a ton of fan service. It was pretty funny and I wouldn’t say the 90 minutes I spent watching the whole series […]

DNA2 – Inital Review

DNA² is a story about a guy see. Some girl from the future (Karin) shoots him (Junta) with a bullet that alters his DNA. She did this because at some […]

3D Art

This is the coolest art I have ever seen, I want this guy to do something on my drive way! Just click the pictures to see more of his work.

New car… Kind of

On tuesday we got a “new” car. It’s actually an old car, an 89 Honda Accord LX-i, but it’s new for me. It’s a nice little car, although I say […]