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Strawberry Panic

What’s better than yuri? Nothing, that’s what I say  Strawberry Panic is a new shoujo-ai/yuri drama romance show that started this month in Japan. I’ve only seen the first episode […]

Canvas2 ~Niji-iro no Sketch~

A5976-5.thumbnail.90I’m going to start this post off with a spoiler alert. If you haven’t seen this show, and don’t want the ending ruined, don’t read this post.

I just finished watching this show and the ending really disappointed me. I really hoped it would go the way it appeared to be hinting, but in the last episode it goes off in a complete and utter tangent and totally contradicts everything it was saying up to that point. While the ending wasn’t sad, it was, in my book, rather annoying. I kind of wish that it was a game, so I could go back and choose the other ending, the one I wanted to see. Oh well. I guess anime authors really like to pull this kind of stuff.

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ゆらゆらDays Lyrics

I got a copy of the 苺ましまろ OP CD over the weekend. Not only does it have two versions of 苺 Complete on it (plus a karaoke version) it also […]

Nana Anime

I watched the first episode of the new Nana anime today. I’ve read some of the manga so I kind of know the start of the story and the anime […]

Miyoshi Japanese Resturant

Michelle and I went to the new Japanese restaurant in Florence tonight. It was pretty good, although the service was a little slow. I don’t know what the issue was, […]