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Palm Ares pIqaD javascript library

Do you develop apps for webOS using Ares? Do you wish you could easily switch tlhIngan Hol text to pIqaD? Then download this simple javascript library that allows you to […]

tlhIngan mu’ghom 1.1.0 (webOS)

My first webOS app, tlhIngan mu’ghom, is now listed in the Palm app store. The app has a searchable Klingon-English/English-Klingon dictionary (with pIqaD), lookup tables for all the Klingon prefixes […]

pIqaD Keyboard (iPhone/iPod Touch)

I have finally got a working pIqaD keyboard on the iPhone/iPod Touch. I used the latest version of iKeyEx by KennyTM. It’s still not working 100%, so if anyone wants […]

Klingon iPhone theme now on Cydia

I have finally managed to get my Klingon iPhone theme uploaded to the Cydia repository. Just search for Klingon and install it. You’ll need Winterboard installed on your jailbroken device […]

Klingon TWATGeek

DaH jIngev’egh. TWATGeek lutHommey vImughtaH. DaH DalaDlaH! I’ve been translating The World According to Geek into Klingon. It’s a geeky web comic that’s published on Sundays. It’s fun to translate […]