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Google Chrome

Google’s new browser, Chrome, came out today. I decided to install it and give it a shot. I’m glad I did. It’s a fresh face for a browser and it’s […]

Samsung Q1b

I bought one of these sweet looking devices about a week and a half ago. At first I thought it was wonderful, but as I began to use it more […]

Vista reinstall

Well I had to reinstall Vista last night after some random file infected my XP partition with a virus that managed to spread into my Vista install. After cleaning it […]

Vista – Part 2

So you may know, or may not know, that I have a tablet PC. I love my tablet, and I love it even more now that it has Vista on […]

Vista Pre-RC1

I got an official invite to take part in the Pre-RC1 install of Vista today. So I’ve downloaded it and installed it. Here is my nice Pre-RC1 vista installed on […]