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nep DunHa’ (Terrible Lie)

I got a request today from @holset84 asking for a translation of Nine Inch Nails song Terrible Lie in return for some free beer! ;D

I had to dig around to find a decent set of lyrics, and the ones I found had some slight difference from the version of the song I found on songza. I tried to make it singable (i.e. same number of syllables per line) but it was tough in some places. It’s not perfect and there are a few bits that could probably be better, but it’s done for the most part.

Read the full translation after the “more”.

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Another wejDIch weDneSDay…

If you follow me, @roneyII or @peSHIr on twitter you’ll know that the third (wejDIch) Wednesday of every month is used to practice our Klingon.

As an extra bit of training, and for those that don’t speak Klingon, I’m going to post all the translations to my tweets.

See them all after the break.

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Klingon PADD theme update

My Klingon PADD theme has been uploaded to the Maemo extras repository. It can be installed on a NIT by going to on the device and clicking on install. […]

Klingon theme for S2U2

I have created a Klingon theme for S2U2, a slide2unlock app for Windows mobile devices. The pIqaD numbers are correct and actually work really well for the clock. You can […]

wejDIch Wednesday #tlh #kli

This Wednesday will be the first wejDIch WeDneSDay of 2009. wejDIch weDneSDay happens on the third Wednesday of each month. During those twenty four hours all my twitter and blog […]