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Building a Company – Part 1

Since I got back into Warhammer 40K I’ve been working on a Dark Angels army. At first I was only going to build a Deathwing and a small Greenwing, but after picking up two copies of Dark Vengeance I’ve realised that I’m pretty close to completing my Third Company of Dark Angels. Here’s what I have so far:

That’s one Company Master with a five man Command Squad, one Veteran Marine squad, three Tactical squads, two Devastator squads and half an Assault squad. That photo shows that I’m short one Devastator Marine, fifteen Assault Marines (which are in the mail as I write this) and two Tactical Squads.

After a little rearranging, and without taking another photo (doh!), I managed to get this down to fifteen  Tactical marines and four Veterans (I moved the Missile Launcher from the Vet squad over to the Devastator spot and the three normal marines from the vet squad to one of the Tactical squads) not including the Assault Marines.  This means I only need to pick up one Tactical Marine box, one five man squad box and one Dark Angels “Chapter Upgrade Sprue”. I’m thinking I may grab the Devastator squad box for the five marines so I can get a selection of Heavy Weapons into the Veteran squad.