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The Daily Tray

So I wasn’t able to finish off the Chaos Marines last night, I got distracted by new TV (Tosh.0 and JJ Abrams’ new show Revolution), but I did clear off all the Dark Angels. All twenty four are now based and only need guns added, but I’m going to wait for the new Dark Angels Codex that is rumored to come out later this fall before I do all that. I don’t want to have to rip things apart.

Now, onto the BIG thing… the Hellbrute. This is the first of my two Hellbrutes and I’m planning on using Purge colours on it so it fits with the rest of the warband. The large armour chunks will be green or black, to follow the rest of the marines. The skin, however, will be that rotted colour I used on my Plaguebearers, but I intend to blend it with some black to make it appear like the marines power armour was merged with his flesh.

This guy is going to take a while, and he’ll probably be joined by some other models once I get the Marines off the tray. Working on multiple models at the same time helps stop me from getting bored too quickly. As the ultimate procrastinator, it’s very easy to get distracted.