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webOS, the future and me

Over the past few years I’ve developed a number of webOS applications. Unfortunately, with the demise of webOS, I won’t be updating these apps anymore. If, by some miracle, the new open webOS works on whatever device I have when it comes out, I may go in and update the apps for it.

I’m sad to see webOS slowly slide into obscurity. It was a good run, and we had fun on the way. There had been some great plans back at the start (webOS in tlhIngan Hol?), and maybe those plans can take shape again when open webOS comes out, but until that time I’m going to focus on other things.

One of those things I’m focusing on is porting my apps to Android. Hopefully this will be easy with my Enyo apps, but the Mojo apps will require re-writing so the process may take a few months.

Thanks to all of you that download by webOS apps. I hope whatever platform you end up on you can find good replacements.