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Hebrew and pIqaD on the HP TouchPad

So you have an HP TouchPad and you want to read both Hebrew and Klingon pIqaD, but neither is supported by default on the device. There is a Hebrew font you can download ( and I have pIqaD font that can be installed, but there’s an issue if you want both: They both modify the same font file!

UPDATE: If you have Unicode characters you want added to the font, send me a font that has those characters in the correct places and I’ll add them. There’s no guarantee it will work as expected though.

After a little bit of magic, I managed to combine the Hebrew characters from PalmPreachers font with my font that supports pIqaD to create a single file to support both.

Edit: The font has been uploaded to Preware for easier installs. Search for pIqaD/Hebrew Font. You can still follow the instructions below if you don’t use Preware.

Edit2: Here’s a link to download the ipk which can be installed using WebOSQuickInstall.

Edit3: I’ve added Malayalam support to the latest font and it is available on Preware.

To install the font manually, download the IPK above and just follow these instructions:

1. Turn on Developer mode.

2. Install webOS Quick Install

3. Start webOS Quick Install.

4. Click the green +

5. Browse to the IPK and select it

6. Click install

7. Reboot your device

This font has been tested on both the HP TouchPad and the Pre2, but it should work on any device that is running webOS 2.1 or greater.

Also, I want to say thanks to Seth, for helping me test the font, and PalmPreacher, for his install instructions which are much better than mine.

28 thoughts on “Hebrew and pIqaD on the HP TouchPad

  1. Shoetopia says:

    You.Are.Awesome!!! Thank you!!! :)!

  2. Arthur says:

    Tried to install Hebrew font on my HP Touchpad. If I am using Preware, the patch “Hebrew support”, doesn’t work. It doesn’t download the whole file. If I am using the WebOSQuickInstall method, doesn’t work either since the version 4.2.3 of this software doesn’t let you install files with .tff extension. Please help!

  3. Chris says:

    I’ve added the ipk to the post, so it can be downloaded and installed using WebOSQuickInstall.

  4. Arthur says:

    WOW! Thanks for the super fast response. It works!
    You rock!

  5. Chris says:

    No problem 😀

  6. Chris says:

    I’ve updated the package with a font that contains Malayalam characters. Please test it and let me know if it works, I don’t know of any sites that use those characters.

  7. Chris says:

    I’ve seen new font packages in Preware, but I don’t know what format they use or how to make them work. I can only modify an existing font. 🙁 Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  8. Ajith says:

    No problem Chris, only the site listed is not working remaining malayalam sites are working fine.
    Now waiting for HP to add complex type rendering support in OS/Browser.
    Thanks again.

  9. Ajith says:

    Chris, I just moved the font Manorama.ttf to /usr/share/fonts and its works!!!

  10. Bob says:

    Hi is there a hebrew keyboard for touchpad? thanks.

  11. Chris says:

    I believe so. Its on palm preacher’s site. Follow the Hebrew font link above to get to it.

  12. Grant says:

    Im trying to install on the TouchPad. The install freezes using Preware and WebOS Quick install. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  13. zeev says:

    Didn’t work:

    1. With WOQI – says the file is corrupt.
    2. Using Preware – doesn’t download – freezes.

    yep.. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  14. Chris says:

    There seems to be an issue with the file that’s hosted on PreCentral’s feed server (at least that seems to be the issue). I was able to download the ipk from the precentral page linked above and install it using WOQI.

    When you used WOQI did you manually download the IPK or have WOQI fetch it?

  15. zeev says:

    Chris thanks for the response,

    I let WOQI fetch it..

    now downloading and will install manually.


  16. Chris says:

    Let me know how it works out. I’ve contacted PreCentral to see if they know what the issue is.

  17. Babu says:

    Hi Chris,
    Thank you it worked.

    Hi Ajith, I added Manorama.ttf. I am able to see the news (
    Only concern is, headers for each news is still not visible. Wonder they are different fonts?

    Any idea?



  18. Andy says:

    Hi Chris,

    may I ask you to try to add a Thai Font as well?
    It would be great to have this working. 🙂

  19. Ramesh says:

    Can you please include Tamil Font in your next update.

    The Tamil font is at :

    – I had the font in /usr/share/fonts and it didn’t work.
    – I downloaded the arialuni.ttf from Windows machine and renamed it to Heisei_Kaku_Gothic_nb.ttf. This works partially. Some joined characters don’t display properly.

    Thanks much

  20. Anand says:

    Hi Chris,

    it would be great if you could get the ipk format for the Tamil font “”

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  22. ViswaPrabha says:

    Dear Chris,

    Amazing work! Thanks for this great helper!
    Could you please do something more?

    The Malayalam font manorama is of an ASCII charset that can be used only for a particular newspaper website.
    Ideally, it will be great if you can pack the true Unicode font set for Malayalam.

    Malayalam Unicode Fonts have been going through very conflicting issues and most have been resolved by now. AnjaliOldlipi is now being used as the most standard and popular font. And the total Malayalam web content itself is rapidly growing up or converted into Unicode.

    A complete and latest version is available at this link:

    Would you be kind enough to add this font too your package?

    (The Manorama font should not be within the pack as it is ASCII. It can safely stay as an individual font file in the system fonts folder and still service its target pages.)

    Thanks in advance.

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