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Warrior Life Counter (webOS)

The Warrior Life Counter is an app for tracking your life for various games. It was originally designed for use while playing Magic The Gathering, but it can be used with any game.

The triangle buttons can be used to increase or decrease your life total, while the menu can be used to reset your life back to 20. Tapping the “You are dead” message will also reset your life.

Many brave warriors died glorious deaths to help create and test this app. Remember them when you cast that 20 point fireball!

2 thoughts on “Warrior Life Counter (webOS)

  1. malak says:

    The app is easy to read and control. It helps to keep track of life. A few suggestions might be to allow for turn based counting, to possibly allow the poison counters to automatically be deducted from life points. Also, I noticed you can only add poison counters. What about if a player has the ability to remove poison counters. So maybe allowing people to add or deduct counters. Oh, and do you think you could add different MTG game modes, like two-headed monster? These are just suggestions, I think the app is an ultimate necessity for players, though. Thanks!

  2. Chris says:

    Thanks for the feedback.

    There is an update in the catalog that I’m just waiting for HP to push out that updates some things (2 player mode, Yu-Gi-Oh mode). I’m also have another update that I’m waiting to push out that has an EDH mode and combines some of the option buttons.

    What do you mean by “Turn based counting”? Are you saying something that would track the number of turns that have been taken? Is this something you do often and for what purpose? I’ve never needed to track turns in a game of Magic before.

    As for the poison counters, there is only one spell that can remove them currently (Leeches: and I’ve never seen anyone play it (it’s really old). If Wizards adds a way to remove poison counters in standard, I’ll add a way to remove them.

    I’m not sure I understand the “allow the poison counters to automatically be deducted from life points” comment. Creatures that deal poison damage don’t deal regular damage, so poison is separate from life.

    Two Headed Giant mode is a great idea. I’ll see if I can get it into the next release.

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