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Palm Ares pIqaD javascript library

Do you develop apps for webOS using Ares?

Do you wish you could easily switch tlhIngan Hol text to pIqaD?

Then download this simple javascript library that allows you to easily convert romanized tlhIngan Hol to pIqaD.

Simply copy the included javascript file to the root of your Palm Ares app. Then add a line to sources.json that tells the app to load the file. Once the file is installed you can easily create a new copy of the pIqaDClass and start converting:

this.pIqaD = new pIqaDClass();
str = “tlhIngan Hol”;
pIqaDstr = this.pIqaD.convert(str);

Download here!

One thought on “Palm Ares pIqaD javascript library

  1. Mike Church says:

    Wanted to give thanks for the Speedometer app, I made a custom holder for my Pre so that it sits right in front of the tach and speedo of my spyder. The colors just happen to be exactley the same as the lighting and analog dials so it looks like it belongs. I took pictures of it for you and also of the small Klingon Symbols I made to replace the Mitsubishi symbols on the side. (I’m still working on a larger one for the hood.) Please give me an address and I’ll send the photo’s.

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